Equality for Lower Merion PEG TV channels

  • Target: Lower Merion Commissioners
  • Sponsored by: Lower Merion & Narberth Public Access Television (PATV)
Bring equality to the distribution of the Comcast and Verizon Cable Franchise Grants to the three PEG TV channels, which are the Public Access channel operated by the residents, the Education Access channel operated by the School District, and the Government Access channel operated by the Township. PATV asks that signers of the petition be residents of the Township of Lower Merion.


Dear  Commissioners of the Township of Lower Merion,

 We the undersigned ask that you support equality among the three Public, Education, and Government Access (PEG) Television channels by ensuring equal distribution of the Grant provided by Comcast and Verizon under their respective Lower Merion Cable Franchise Agreements.

 By federal law (the Communications Act), all cable operators must support the local Public, Education, Government (PEG) Television channels by donating a Grant, within the Cable Franchise Agreement, for the exclusive purpose of helping the PEG channels.

 The current Lower Merion Comcast Cable Franchise Agreement, which expired in 2011 and has not yet been renewed, applies the Grant only to the Government Access channel. The new Comcast Agreement should ensure equal distribution of the cable operator Grant to all three PEG channels, which are

  • Public Access operated by the Community of Lower Merion and Narberth on Comcast 99 and Verizon 34
  • Education Access operated by the School District of Lower Merion on Comcast 22 and Verizon 36
  • Government Access operated by the Township of Lower Merion on Comcast 7 and Verizon 37.

 It would not be appropriate for Lower Merion Commissioners to take the position that the Lower Merion Government channel is more deserving of using the Grant than the Community and School District channels. In all fairness, we ask that you divide the Comcast and Verizon Grants equally by giving each PEG channel one third of the Grant. And, to ensure equal policies of both Grants, the PEG Grant from Comcast and the PEG Grant from Verizon, we ask that the new Comcast Grant provision reflect the language of the existing Verizon Grant, which is:

"5.2.1 Franchisee (Verizon) shall provide a grant to LFA (Local Franchising Authority) to be used in support of the production of local PEG programming (the "PEG Grant"). Such grant shall be used by LFA for PEG support, including, but not limited to, studio and portable production equipment, editing equipment and program playback equipment, PEG administration, or for renovation or construction of PEG access facilities."

 As a Commissioner, you will be proud of being among the Lower Merion Board that put in place equal opportunity for all three PEG Access channels giving parity to all voices in the Township of Lower Merion.

As a resident of Lower Merion, I thank you for supporting the three PEG channels, equally.


For more information about the Community channel on Comcast 99 and Verizon 34, visit:


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signed 2014-03-07 07:47:54 -0500
If anything, the government channel should receive less grant funding. The council members already have more opportunities and resources for communicating than citizens do. “Public” access is for the public.
signed 2014-01-06 16:56:16 -0500
signed 2013-12-10 14:00:30 -0500
Let’s continue the devoted and energetic efforts of Irene McNeil, Founder and President of LMNarberth PA TV – it is a wonderful community resource!
signed 2013-12-05 13:23:06 -0500
signed 2013-06-20 13:44:51 -0400
signed 2011-10-27 08:55:19 -0400
signed 2011-10-27 08:45:50 -0400
signed 2011-10-26 22:19:53 -0400
signed 2011-10-26 22:05:23 -0400
I support wholeheartedly Lower Merion and Narberth Public Access TV. Please do so also! It’s an indispensible public service.
signed 2011-10-26 19:18:27 -0400
signed 2011-10-25 02:06:00 -0400
signed 2011-10-21 19:27:40 -0400
signing as President of Ard-Wood Civic whose board voted to support LM-PATV.
signed 2011-10-20 19:39:22 -0400
signed 2011-10-20 11:11:24 -0400
signed 2011-10-20 09:23:24 -0400
signed 2011-10-20 08:54:24 -0400
signed 2011-10-20 07:30:49 -0400
Residents NEED Channel 99!
signed 2011-10-19 20:59:58 -0400
signed 2011-10-19 19:42:12 -0400
A great and worthwhile community service. You are all to be applauded.
signed 2011-10-19 19:37:47 -0400
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